Connor Miller


I like to play video games and do art. Some of the video games I like to play are Fortnite, Terraria, and Merge Dragons. Merge Dragons is a game that I have been playing for quite a bit of time and have found a way to easily beat a level that people get stuck with a lot and at the same time can farm coins on the same level. This site has the information on how to farm coins and how to easily beat the level.Copy and past this to visit my website here


My Family consist of me,my brothers Jayme and Logan, my mom, my dad, my step mom Angela, and my grandmas Emma and Sydney, my Aunts Averie and Peggy, my Uncles Shayn and Steve, my cousins Luke, Kyla, Kaiden, Keenan, David, and my grandpa Brad who passed away but I still remember and cellebrate throught the hollidays.

Favorite Show

My favortie show is Trolhunters Tales Of Arcadia and the most recent 3Below Tales Of Arcadia. My favorite character from Troll Hunters Tales Of Arcadia is Toby Domzalski and Arrrg.

TrollHunters 3Below
Terraria Merge Dragons