Merge Dragons

I have played merge dragons for about two years, and have had my fair share of level troubles. I have hit roadblocks on levels and had to look it up, and in one occasion I had looked it up and after playing the level for a bit I had later found the item I was needing to get to finish the level. This level also ended up being good for farming coins and money. That was another thing I wanted to know, how to farm coins, and this level ended up being good for that. Here is what I found that I think is pretty usefull. The level is called Cloud Land 5. This is the easiest way to beat the level, when you get to the part where you need a hero mushroom. So when I was farming the Ruins Of The Sky Palace Wonder, and getting coins, I realized that one of my dragons had wandered off too far so I realized there must be something over there. So as I was scrolling over sure enough, there was the hero mushroom, by then I had already had it, but it was usefull to know that it was there. So that is how you can most easily beat Cloud Land 5. Now for farming coins and money, if you keep on harvesting the bushes, the chests that you get will give you more bushes and you can keep doing this until you get the wonder for it. You will then tap it and get chest that contain coins. You can keep doing this and farm coins. I have made about 20 of the wonders and have got a lot of coins.